APN Pooled Data Bundle Refill - How does this work?

Modified on Thu, 28 Jul 2022 at 01:33 PM

It is easy to ensure that your APN Pooled Data bundle always has data available. The automated Pooled Data Refill Rule will trigger and purchase a new bundle as soon as your bundle balance falls below the set threshold. Refill rule settings can be found on the APN screen. 

By setting this up correct, you will ensure that you are buying data at the best possible rate, and that you have no data expiry. 

Refill Rule Setup

To set up your APN data refill rule, you must choose: 
- The bundle size to refill with

- The minimum threshold level (at what point the refill must trigger)
- Maximum number recharges per month (to cap your overall spend and ensure no surprises) 

What are sensible threshold and refill levels for my Data Pool?

When deciding on the refill rule setup, two things must be considered:

1) What is my Maximum Reservation amount?

2) What is my expected data usage.

The Maximum Reservation is the amount of data needed in the pool should all SIMs connect simultaneously. More information on Reservation here: APN Data Reservation: How does it work?

Expected usage is how much data all your APN SIMs are expecting to consume over 30 days. Buying a larger APN bundle will typically give you a better data rate, so buying larger bundles less often is better than smaller bundle more often.

  • A sensible threshold level (i.e. when the refill triggers) would be higher than your Maximum Reservation amount. This will ensure that all SIMs can at least start a connection with the APN bundle.

  •  A sensible refill bundle would be just below your expected overall data usage over 30 days (data bundle validity). This will ensure that you do not have data expiry, while ensuring you are purchasing data at the best possible rate per MB.

You can upgrade/downgrade the APN bundle purchased at any time. 

Important: Ensure your account has sufficient funds/credit for APN refills to trigger. 

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